Transportation of liquid cargo tank-containers

Transportation of liquid cargo tank-containers (ISO tank container) is the most promising and widely spread worldwide, allows transporting more cargo than the transport in a standard 40 'feet container. This carriage can avoid additional costs for the purchase and transportation of empty containers, the relief and discharge of products, and disposal of unnecessary packaging after discharge. It should be noted that the transport of liquid cargo in tank containers, the product is not subjected to overflowing during transportation, which means that the quantity and quality of the your loaded goods, equal to the number and quality of goods received by you. It is possible to top load and bottom load (under pressure) of the liquid cargo into the tank. Possible ways to drain: the lower and upper (pressure). There is sensor and air supply valve (N) in the tank-container installed. The main goods carried in such containers are chemical products, liquefied gases, motor oil, and corrosive fluids and so on.

After unloading, tank-container is delivered to the washing place, which is determined by ocean forwarder / ocean line, where it is completely cleared of cargo residues washed and prepared for the next load. Most of the tank - containers are similar in appearance, but in reality very different from each other on the materials from which ​​the tank is made and safety valves, depending on the type of cargo. Based on the differences, it can be determined which tank-container to be used for what particular goods. Frame for ISO tank-container is designed in such a way to withstand not only pressure-filled tank but also stacking load of tank containers on ships of up to 6 tiers.

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