Transportation by maritime refrigerated containers

Transport of maritime containers refrigerated or cold storage is the most consistently growing mode of transport in the maritime market. These refrigerated containers are divided into three groups:

  • 20 'feet
  • 40' feet
  • 40' HC foot,
  • and 20' feet rarely in demand due to the small carrying capacity both containers have insulated enclosure and equipped with a special refrigeration unit, which supports the inside of the container needed for special cargo temperature.

These three groups of ocean containers differ in capacity and volume. 20 feet volume is-28m3, 40-foot-59.8m3, 40 'HC-68.03m3. This temperature is maintained in the container during loading and en route to the ship and during transportation of special truck from port to warehouse unloading. The refrigerated container has special operating model that allows to maintain certain functions of cooling below the given parameters:

  • Deep-frozen mode: T < ~ -10 °C
  • Control of return air temperature
  • on/off control
  • ~ 40 air changes per hour
  • Chilled-Mode: T > ~ -10 °C
  • Control of supply air temperature
  • Continuous control
  • ~ 80 air changes per hour
  • Regular defrost periods if T < ~ +5 °C

The main products transported in such containers are: perishable foods, meat, fish, canned foods and beverages, drugs and medicines.

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