How the shipping price is formed?

Q: How the shipping price is formed?

A: Sea shipping prices can very from month to month and they depend on number of factors.

  • BOF(“basic ocean freight”) shipping expenses;
  • OTHC(“origin terminal handling charges”) port related expenses;
  • DTHC ("destination terminal handling charges") – unloading port expenses;
  • CAF ("currency adjustment factor") – currency exchange diference based on BOF;
  • BAF ("bunker adjustment factor") – fuel expenses charge calculated in USD for TEU (20 foot container);
  • ISPS or SEC ("security charges") – port security related expenses;
  • DOC FEE – documentation fee.

There are some seasonal charges - PSS ("peak season surcharge"). View a more complete list of charges or contact us for details.

  • PCS ("port congestion surcharge")
  • WNS ("winter surcharge") – related in freezing winter conditions in instance St Petersburg – from Dec 1 to March 31.

Also every shipping line applies (“demurrage”) maximum container hold after the equipment discharged at the port. Usually it very between 2 and 21 days. In this period the cargo recipient have to unload the cargo and return the container back to the port. If the period is exceeded there is a penalty between 10-30 EUR a day.

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