Required Documents

A. Bill of Lading (Ocean freight Bill of Lading) - the main maritime document. It identifies the shipper, consignee, name and quantity of the goods.

B.1. For transportation of commercial cargo - Commercial Invoice. It contains more complete information about the cargo, including price, quantity, name of the goods.

B.2. To send a private personal belongings need a Packing List. It contains a list of items and their approximate cost. Note: Some companies also require commercial invoices for transportation of personal belongings.

To accept and confirm all documents U.S. Customs, all commercial invoices and packing lists must be in English, they contain the following information:

  • Freight cost in U.S. dollars (exchange rate on the day of shipment;
  • Full name and address of shipper, commercial goods - the ID number of the company;
  • Full name and address of consignee;
  • Detailed specification of the goods;
  • Quantity of cargo;
  • Weight of the load;
  • Place of origin of goods (country of manufacture).

Additional documents, depending on commodity and country of origin:

D. Packing List (Packing List) - with the full description: quantity, weight, packaging material (for example: wooden pallets, boxes, crates, pallets, etc.)

E. Certificate handling (Fumigation Certificate) - certification, indicating that the goods and packaging materials were processed after being loaded into the container and the cargo is safe from infection.

F. Special Documents - depending on commodity and country of origin.

  • Visa
  • Quota
  • Visa/Quota
  • Certificate of Origin
  • North American Free Trade Agreement Certificate of Origin (N.A.F.T.A.)
  • Packing Declaration
  • Dangerous Goods Declaration – hazardous materials
  • Fish and Wildlife Declaration
  • Consular Legalized documents
  • F.D.A.
  • U.S.D.A.
  • Anti-Dumping

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