Transportation of over-sized goods from the U.S

Shipment of the over-sized cargo – is a laborious process of the transportation of the goods in marine transport. Oversized or unusual cargo – is a load outside the standards of the transportation for the maritime container. Each of these goods requires a specific and professional approach. Such goods always require special engineering - technical and logistic solutions, to select the optimal route for transporting and loading.

Special approval for the transport of over-sized, choosing of specialty vehicles to transport to the port, the selection of cranes for lifting and handling of over-sized and heavy cargo - it's our job.

Out-sized goods can be transported the following ways:

  • In the case of the over-sized cargo that is placed in a ocean container Flatrack, even under the instances that the size will be slightly exceeding the container (in professional language, this is called out of gate).
  • Break Bulk Transportation

Break Bulk Transportation

The second type of transport, Break Bulk Transportation, is one of the most complex and expensive. The point is that each element of the cargo that is transported as a separate entity needs to be raised by the crane or forklift and loaded on the truck, that will then deliver it to the port. The crane will load the cargo at the port into the hold of a ship. For the ocean shipping of the break bulk, each shipment from the U.S. or Canada has its own individual rate, that dependents on many factors, cargo and transportation route. Transportation of various cargoes in bags, barrels and such also applies the second type of transportation.

We always offer our customers not only rates for their proposed route of transportation to the final destination but alternatives. Based on our long experience we offer of multi-functional and multi-modal scheme that allows our clients to significantly save money.

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