Types of locations of loading on our marine services, FCL

Commercial location - location of the loading of the goods provided by a ramp to load, that is, when loading the container are joined with a ramp or cargo loader. The shipper is responsible for loading and securing cargo in shipping containers set for loading. When your container (s) shipped and left to the place of loading, keep in mind that you should receive confirmation and a copy of a warehouse receipt, issued the driver of the truck - container, with the signature, date and place of loading, as well as with the serial number of the container.

Residential location - depending on the ability to load and an entrance of the truck - container. There is no capacity to load cargo with a ramp or cargo truck. The shipper must load the ocean container's themselves. The shipper is responsible for loading and securing cargo in shipping containers.

Warehouse - depending on the ability to load and an entrance of the truck - container. The shipper must deliver a pre-packaged goods to the closest and most accessible international warehouse / terminal in a company that will transport the cargo. As soon as the warehouse receives the goods, shipping containers will be provided to the warehouse for loading of the cargo. The price will include all costs associated with the delivery of the goods, the costs associated with obtaining goods in a warehouse, storage (if any), loading and insurance of cargo at the port for its future maritime shipment to/from U.S..

Port / maritime transport only - all port charges, are included in the cost of ocean transportation. This type of location may be available only for:

  • Shippers skilled in international shipments.
  • Freight forwarders.
  • Shipment of ocean containers, which are owned by the shipper, including the above mentioned requirements a and b

If the shipper selects the service "only to maritime transport”, they are also fully responsible for obtaining permits for access to a pier or yards offshore lines of the vessel (SSL or an international shipping company that will be used to send shipping containers to and from USA). In the United States, it is generally required one-time, related to use of different types of transportation of different modes of carriage contract, or UIIA. Any payments related to the delivery method "only maritime transport”, which can be added to the cost of domestic shipping ocean container at the port, are paid by the shipper.

  1. Commercial Facility. Pickup location with loading dock or ramp. Shipper is responsible for loading and securing cargo. When your container is loaded and leaves your facility make sure that you have a copy of dock receipt provided by trucker, signed and dated by the trucker, with the container and seal number in it.
  2. Residential location. No ramp is available. Shipper is responsible for loading and securing the in the containers.
  3. Warehouse. The cargo is delivered, consolidated and pre-packed in the nearest warehouse/terminal. Once all the goods are received and redy to go, a sea freight container will be delivered to the warehouse for loading. The cargo consolidation surcharge will be added on the top of the sea rate.
  4. Port / OCEAN FREIGHT ONLY. No additional charges will be included in the rate offered. The shipper is responsible for preparing all the documents, loading and cargo delivery directly to the port.

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