Hazardous shipment

Sea freight of hazardous and dangerous cargo

Our company provides sea shipping of hazardous and dangerous cargo in 20 foot and 40 foot containers from USA. Dangerous goods are all loads, which under certain circumstances of transportation or storage may harm the environment, people and/or property; may cause explosion or fire, damage vehicles, buildings and/or constructions, as well as cause death, injury, poisoning, burns or diseases of people, animals and/or birds.

Dangerous goods classification:

Hazardous and dangerous cargo shipping in USA are under authority of PHMSA Department.

Rules established by PHMSA Department are obligate to be followed by all sea freight lines, who provide hazardous and dangerous cargo freight from USA. Customer must provide IMO declaration with full cargo details, danger class and UN number are described when shipping hazardous and dangerous cargo. After providing all details sea line must approve transportation of hazardous and dangerous cargo on the ship. Hazardous and dangerous cargo freight is specific kind of freight, because of its potential danger.

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