Class 7: Radioactive substances

Classification of dangerous goods

Class 7: Radioactive substances Any number of packets that have RADIOACTIVE YELLOW III label (LSA-III). Slightly radioactive materials in "exclusive use" with low specific activity radioactive materials will not have a label.

Closed transport vehicle means a transport vehicle or freight, fitted securely attached an external attachment that during normal transportation restricts the access of unauthorized persons to the cargo space containing Class 7 (radioactive) materials. Attachment can be either temporary or permanent, in the case of packaged materials may be "transparent" type, and must restrict access to it from all sides.

Protection system means that the collection of packaging components intended to retain the radioactive contents during transport.

Means of transport:

  1. For rail: any transport vehicle or large freight container;
  2. For transport by maritime: any vessel, or a certain deck area of the vessel including any transport vehicle on board and
  3. For air transportation, any aircraft.

This protection system means a description of special form Class 7 (radioactive) material, package, packaging, or LSA-III, which allows those items to be fully identified. The description may include specifications, engineering drawings, reports, showing agreement with the regulatory requirements and other relevant documentation.

Exclusive use (also referred to as "single use" or "limit load") means a unique use of a single shipper transportation, for which the intermediate and final loading and unloading are made in accordance with the guidance of the shipper or the consignee. The shipper and the airline must ensure that any loading or unloading performed by personnel having radiological training and resources appropriate for safe handling of the cargo. The shipper must issue specific instructions in writing, for exceptional service management tools for shipment to use, and include them with sending paper information provided to airlines by the shipper.

Fissile material means plutonium 238, plutonium 239, plutonium 241, uranium 233, uranium 235, or any combination of these radionuclide. The definition does not apply to a natural uranium, depleted uranium and natural uranium or depleted uranium, which was covered in a thermal reactor. Certain additional exceptions are provided in 49CFR 173.453.

Splitting materials, controlled shipment means any shipment that contains one or more packages that have been designated in accordance with 49CFR 173.457, nuclear transport indexes control criticality, more than 10.

Limited number of Class 7 (radioactive) material means the number of Class 7 (radioactive) material that does not exceed the limits specified in 49CFR 173.425 and in accordance with requirements specified in 49CFR 173.421

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