Class 1: Explosives

Classification of hazardous materials

Division 1.1

Class 1: Explosives - Division 1.1 Division 1.1 consists of explosives that have a mass explosion hazard. The massive explosion - one that affects almost the entire load instantaneously.

Division 1.2

Class 1: Explosives - Division 1.2 Division 1.2 consists of explosives that have a projection hazard but not a mass explosion hazard.

Division 1.3

Class 1: Explosives - Division 1.3 Division 1.3 consists of explosives that have a fire hazard and either a minor explosion hazard or slight risk of causing one, or in some instances both, but not a mass explosion hazard.

Division 1.4

Class 1: Explosives - Division 1.4 Division 1.4 consists of explosives that pose a slight risk. Explosives largely confined to packaging and design of any fragments of appreciable size, or the expected range. External fire must not cause virtually instantaneous explosion of almost the entire contents of the package.

Division 1.5

Class 1: Explosives - Division 1.5 Division 1.5 consists of very insensitive explosives. This unit consists of substances that have a mass explosion hazard but are so insensitive that there is very little probability of initiation or transition from burning to explosion under normal conditions of transport.

Division 1.6

Class 1: Explosives - Division 1.6 Division 1.6 consists of extremely insensitive elements that have no mass explosive hazard. This unit consists of elements that contain only extremely insensitive explosive substance and demonstrate little probability of accidental initiation or propagation.

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