Ocean freight rates calculation

In most cases, structure of calculation of ocean freight offered by ocean forwarders for export-import to/from US, is done from door to port (DOOR-PORT) or to be more exact via shipper’s rail (EXW-Ex Works). This means that your goods need to be loaded in shipper’s warehouse, then to deliver the goods to in container or by rail to nearest sea port after that deliver it by sea into specified by you international sea port.

What does that mean? This implies that suggested shipping rates include calculations related to:

  • Shipping of the container(s) to the location of the goods and returning them back to the container park (container yard - CY);
  • port payments (Terminal Handling Charges) and other formal payments related to the export - import of the goods at its arrival at designated ports required by standards of transport for such goods;
  • after the arrival of the ocean container at the port of destination the consignee is responsible for all fees associated with the import of the goods with in the country of the destination, such as importing of the consignment into the country, payment for the designation of the goods, customs duties and other related charges as well as maritime forwarder services.

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