How to avoid common mistakes when shipping FCL

Storage / time-out shipping containers with cargo at ports of destination

Within a few days before the cargo is shipped by ocean to arrives at the destination port, your consignee shall be notified of the arrival of the container and import procedures. Usually it is notification of arrival sent via fax ort via e-mail to consignee. It can also be a phone call or e-mail notification. Please make sure that contact information of the consignee, which was originally provided in ocean freight and documents is correct and valid.

Do it quickly. Your free or paid storage time of the parked container (container yard - CY) is limited. Depending on the destination port, the storage time can be from 7 to 14 days. After that, you have to pay separately for storage service, and this can greatly increase the overall cost of delivery.

Laws enforced in the country of consignee, allows you to interact with Customs and other third institutions for re-export - import operations with the best opportunities, and convenient way for you.

However, if the consignee is not familiar with import procedures, we recommend that he immediately contacts his international agent or broker who will be receiving a ship as quickly as possible for complete import procedures. You'll pay more reasonable price for this service than the price to be paid for a simple and storage of marine containers at the container park.

S.O.C. - Containers owned by the shipper

When you order a shipment of goods by ocean transport FCL, you rent an ocean container from the carriers. Rent of shipping containers included in the cost of delivery to the port of destination. However, the shipper must always remember that after the arrival of the ocean container at the port of destination, it must be returned to the container park in a specified period of time. In case of default of the obligation, you'll be billed an additional expense for the delay in the return of sea container port.

If your location is far from container park, we advise you to pay attention to possible delays and payments that you need to do in case of delaying the return.

For example: If your shipment after receiving at the ocean port must travel in shipping container by rail, thousands of miles, and only then come to your warehouse, then you must immediately after discharge, return of the marine container in the same way to the container park.

In such a situation as this, to avoid additional costs, there is only one thing we can recommend - to use the SOC - Containers owned by the shipper, that is one way travel.

S.O.C. means that you own a container for shipping. When the container is your property, you are not obliged to return to the container depot. Once you have unloaded it, or it is not needed, it can be sold, used for storage of materials, etc.

However, before you buy a container for your international shipment must consider the following:

  • Is it so effective for the SOC?
  • Is it within the technical conditions of ocean freight before the container is loaded?
  • Also recommend to test the strength of the container using a crane to make sure that the container can be transported on a container platform. Most container trailers designed in such a way as to carry - move the containers off the ground and they can not withstand the weight of loaded shipping containers for ocean freight.
  • Do not overload the ocean container. They are designed for certain weight and limitations of cranes in the ports.

Do you have insurance for situations in which damages will be paid when a waiver of own container can damage other cargo, container or vessel? Most likely, the insurance will pay for your goods, but not the damage that can be done to others.

Note: SOC can sometimes be a bad sign for customs. Customs usually know that SOC - Containers owned by the shipper, can usually mean the delivery of the container at one end, and this may mean that there are dangerous goods or goods which are bought for a cheap.

Duties of the shipper for export - import transactions, including documents intended for international shipments.

The shipper and Marine forwarder - freight forwarder shall, with full responsibility refers to the agreement concerning the description and the legality of the goods carried, and the adequacy of documentation submitted for an international shipment.

Waybill for shipping (ocean freight bill of lading), final document, which acts as a base for the sent items, which contains the following information: the goods shipped by the shipper, counted, and contains a specific product. This means that marine forwarders - freight forwarder, which is this company is not responsible for the information provided by the consignor of the goods.

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