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Freight forwarding - Wallenius Logistics

Wallenius Logistics

Wallenius was founded in 1934 and has become a leading company in global maritime transport, terminal services and customer-oriented logistics services.

Together with its subsidiaries, and through valued partnerships, Wallenius operates more than 150 vessels specialising in the transport of cars and other rolling cargo. Ship design and the development of vessel concepts is always in company's focus, where experiences are mixed with innovative technical development. Subsidiaries of Wallenius Logistics develop global transport and logistics services which make sure that customers’ cargos are looked after all the way. This is how Wallenius ensures quality at every stage in the chain. Wallenius Logistics' ships can carry up to 8,000 vehicles and are therefore the world’s most efficient car carriers. During the next three years, Wallenius and its partners will add some 50 new ships to the fleet.

Wallenius Logistics

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