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MASkargo is leading the industry towards making KLIA a transhipment hub, as this is where the future growth of the air cargo business is. Cargo growth which depends on the import and export business are subject to the changes in these two sectors. The development of the transhipment portion of the business will diversify the revenue base, thus reducing risks of serious repercussions whenever export and/or import is adversely affected. The adoption of this strategy requires strong cargo handling capabilities that meet customer's demands for efficient and fast handling. In addition to this, a wide network of connectivity and routes will give KLIA an edge as a transhipment hub. The Government's incentives to encourage more airlines to fly to KLIA are also a vital part of this strategy.

International air cargo had grown 18% from the year 1997 to 2001. The launch of the KLIA with its Advanced Cargo Center helped to spearhead the development of the Malaysian air cargo industry. This state of the art cargo handling facility marks the beginning of a new era in Malaysia's air cargo industry.

MASkargo - Keeps Business Moving
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