Class 8: Corrosive substances

Classification of hazardous materials

  1. Class 8: Corrosive substances Corrosive Materials (Class 8) is a liquid or solid that causes destruction of human skin at the site of contact for a specified period of time. Liquid, which has serious corrosion rate on steel or aluminum, is also a corrosive material.
  2. If human experience or other data indicate that the risk of material more or less than indicated by the results of tests specified in paragraph (a) of this section, RSPA may revise its classification or make determination that the material is not subjected to the requirements of this subsection.
  3. Skin corrosion test data produced no later than September 30th, 1995, using procedures 49CFR 173, Appendix A, in effect September 30th, 1995 (see 49CFR Part 173, Appendix A, revised October 1, 1994), since the corresponding times of exposure can be used for classification and appointing the packing group for Class 8 materials, corrosive to the skin.

454 kg (1001 lb) or more gross weight of corrosive material. Although corrosive class includes acids and bases, dangerous goods and materials diagram of segregation did not have reference to the separation of the various incompatible corrosive materials from each other. By providing regulations for the transport of dangerous goods, we pay attention especially to a mixture of corrosive substances.

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