Gross Weight, Nett Weight, Tare, Volumetric

Gross Weight is the total weight of a shipment of goods, including their packaging such as crates, pallets etc.

Nett Weight is the weight, or mass, of the goods themselves without any packaging.

Tare is the weight of packaging or a container without the goods.

Volumetric - a notional or calculated weight for bulky goods sent by air. Generally stated as 6000cm3 = 1 kg, meaning that the total volume in cubic centimetres is divided by 6000 to give an equivalent weight in kgs. The airline or forwarder will charge whichever is the greater of the actual weight and volumetric weight. Also shown sometimes as 167 kg = 1 cbm

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Measurement unit cost of the work and the Container rolling stock and depots

TEU (Twenty foot Equivalent Unit) - a unit of measurement of the goods, equal to the volume of 1x20-foot container. 1h40-foot container = 2TEU

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