Free In (FI) / Free Out (FO)

Conditions of Carriage

CY (Container Yard) Container Terminal - 1. Place of storage containers before / after their further shipment. 2. Conditions of carriage for departure / arrival time - the cost of transportation includes services for sending from / to CY (freight, loading / unloading from the vessel, placing on the CY, does NOT include underwriting services / shipments to / from CY);

Free In (FI) - in the international ocean freight terminology the word “Free” means “Not included”. I.e. if FI, then the shipper is responsible for the coast of loading goods onto a vessel for the international shipping overseas.

Free Out (FO) is the international shipping term in ocean freight that indicates that the consignee (recipient) is responsible for the cost of unloading cargo from the vessel at the destination.

Free In and Out (FIO) is the international shipping term used in the ocean freight industry means that the carrier is NOT responsible for the cost of loading and unloading gods onto/from the vessel.

Liner terms (LI/LO) - qualification to a freight rate which signifies that it consists of the ocean carriage and the cost of cargo handling at the loading and discharging ports according to the custom of those ports. This varies widely from country to country and, within countries, from port to port: in some ports, the freight excludes all cargo handling costs while in others the cost of handling between the hold and the ship’s rail or quay is included.

Free into Store (FIS) is an unofficial trade term indicating that the seller's price includes all costs up to delivery to the buyer.

Door to door – Said of a service or freight rate provided by a container shipping line whereby goods are loaded into a container at the shipper’s premises and not unloaded until they arrive at the consignee’s premises. Free carrier (F.C.A) – New combined transport incoterms replacing FOB where CT is involved but applicable to all mode of transport.

Important! information about conditions of delivery always contain the cost of cargo handling at the loading and discharging ports. For example FILO, LIFI

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