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Freight forwarding - Aeroflot, Russian Airlines

Aeroflot - Russian Airlines

Aeroflot-Cargo reports stable results in August 2009 which have been exceeded the last year volumes of freight. August 2009 has seen 14 140 tons of freight and mail being carried by Aeroflot-Cargo. Variance of the last year is 104,3 per cent.

7659 tons were uplifted on flights of Aeroflot passenger network – VLY is 99,5 %. Aeroflot-Cargo freighters carried 6480 tons exceeding last year volumes by 10,7 %. In 2009 freighter fleet of Aeroflot-Cargo comprises of three MD-11F.

Volume of carriage statistics per month has positive dynamic: variance of January 2009/08 is 62%, February 59,5%, March 71%, April 86%, May 96,9%, June 92,7%, July 98,4%, August 104,3%.

Aeroflot - Russian Airlines

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